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About Kayan & Makan Est.

Chairmans Message

Eng / Hassan Al Sulaimani
Chairman of Board of Directors

The economic changes experienced by the world , it is invites us to search for new mechanisms to change at first to modern vision commensurate with the new requirements of life and is accurate , creativity and create more potential and harness the energies of the future is bright and promising, we are in the entity and the place looking for leadership and success and provide a new, modern solutions that serve all segments society and with it , it is seeks to implement an integrated organization achieve growth for companies and institutions as well as leading care, which is considered the main motive of our social responsibilities.

Kayan & Makan is look forward to pioneering inventing and creating new and creative ideas that make it to the fore, we are seeking to raise industry conferences and exhibitions to meet all needs and provide developmental opportunities, economic, social and deliver quality services that will achieved value of the event in Saudi Arabia and global markets.

  • Our Vision

    We look forward to entrepreneurship through inventing new creative ideas and providing distinguished and high quality services with meeting all needs of our partners from our esteemed customers, which puts us in the forefront through strong focus on our customers needs & satisfaction by the long-term partnership, we seeking to the progress and sustainability in the industry of conferences, exhibitions and business tourism to provide opportunities for sustainable development, economics, marketing and social. In addition to provide high-quality services as well as the quality of work that lead to achievement of event objectives and the value added to the event in accordance to the criteria followed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the international trends.

  • Our Mission

    We use our mentality experiences and strategic relations to achieve the best targeted results for our partner of our esteemed clients and we are striving to achieve our objectives that represented in raising event level and all the featured services that we provide through develop appropriate budget, work plans & implementation in the time limit as per proposed schedule and providing consultations, recommendations and logistic arrangements related to the event through achievement the targets of our customers and the participants and creating opportunities of education and trade exchange.

We Arrange Worlds

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Kayan and Makan are trendy Saudi Establishment specialized in the organizing conferences, Exhibitions, Business tourism, Events management & Ceremonies, meetings organization, Travel & tours, Motivational activities, Training & Development, Marketing & Advertising and everything that fall under the named (Our services). Depend on its achievements on partnership & satisfaction of its clients. In addition it has a previous experience by team work enjoys with a high level of expertise. Kayan and Makan will present a promise to customers to serve them through its deep vision for methods of event implementation & coordination and provide all services that meet with all their needs. Kayan and Makan is striving to convert your objectives to a tangible reality that can be added to your success story and adds touches to your vision that complement the ideal image that you aspire to it.

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